Gas Distribution System

    Gas distribution system aims to fulfill the gas delivery, including regulating station and other distribution systems. Regulating station includes boosting station and reducing station. Regulating station can be divided into boosting station and reducing station with designed system device to boost and reduce the pressure of fuel gas in the pipes of the fuel gas network. It is a highly integrated system integrating in clean filtering, boosting, reducing, metering, temperature controlling, leaking- alarming and data acquisition monitoring for fuel gas. It's functionally used to condition and control the pressure, temperature, and flow of the natural gas, at the same time to clean and filter the fuel providing customers and gas equipment with stabilized parameter and clean fuel.

Offshore Drilling Platform

    The other distribution system includes long-distance pipeline distribution system, offshore platform distribution system and city gate station. Long-distance pipeline distribution system provides fuel processing for the gas turbine of intermediate compressor stations in the long distance gas pipeline. The system mainly consists of filter module and electric heating module designed with automatic control system in order to achieve unmanned operation and remote control.

Long-distance pipeline

    Offshore platform distribution system is the system equipment located on the float platform of oil and gas processing, providing the fuel treatment needed by Gas Turbine for natural gas exploration. The system mainly consists of filter module and electric heating module to ensure the fuel gas' cleanliness and temperature of Gas Turbine. City gate station is the regulating metering station located on the junction of long-distance gas pipeline and city gas distribution system. The station is the highly integrated system with clean filtration, regulating, metering, odorization, leak alarm, data acquisition and monitoring.