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Dalian Energas Gas-system Co., Ltd donated 100,000 Yuan to 87 poverty students[Recommendation]
Views:3212 Published:2014-04-30

2014 Spring Grants Awarding Ceremony of Dalian Hope Project was held in the meeting room of China Communist Youth Dalian Committee on April 1st. At the ceremony, Hope Project Office of China Communist Youth Dalian Committee and Dalian Youth Development Foundation awarded grants 767,900 Yuan to 1,720 students in the universities, middle schools and primary schools, such as Zhang Meijiao in Grade One of Jinzhou Qidingshan Primary School etc.

In March each year, Dalian Hope Project Office awards grants to the poverty students, which are donated by benevolent enterprises and citizens all over the city through one year. The donations contain the citizens’ deep love and ardent hope to the poverty students. This year, with the support of major media, such as Dalian TV, Broadcasting Station and Dalian Daily etc., a lot of Dalian benevolent citizens know one-to-one education-aid project of Dalian Youth Development Foundation official website, and only in March almost 400 poverty students excellent in character and learning (there are almost 30 orphans) are funded, moving spectacles continue etc.

After media report, Manager of China Mobile-Jinzhou Zhang Xian and Judge of Jinzhou Court Zhang Wei respectively donated 30,000 Yuan to 167 needy students the first time, and an enterprise, Dalian Energas Gas-system Co., Ltd. in Dalian Development Zone, donated 100,000 Yuan to 87 poverty students etc.

What’s more, there is one-to-one donation of many Dalian benevolent citizens, of whom there are many people unwilling to be named, and there are also senior journalists, such as Dalian Daily reporter Wei Yuna, New Business reporter Xu Hong and Broadcasting Station Chen Ajiao etc., with these love, more poverty students get help.